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empowered women, empower women.

findSisterhood is an app for everyone identifying as a woman to share stories anonymously. It is untraceable, safe and judgement free. A space for all of us to ask anything we want.

Download the free app now:


findSisterhood is an inclusive app that was created by a woman for all women around the world to connect on issues that affect us all.

This is your safe space to ask anonymous questions – the kind of private questions you’ve always wanted to ask other women without having to feel judged or embarrassed. We are a judgment free zone where no question is too personal to ask. TMI does not exist here! We promise your identity will never be revealed since we use one way cryptography and have no way ourselves to know who you are. Your privacy is our biggest concern. Ask other women about motherhood, sex, lifestyle, relationships – anything goes! You don’t have a question but something that is on your mind and you just want to put it out there? Great, tell us all about it! Chances are, others are going through the same situation and they could use the solidarity! As women, we go through so many similar circumstances, yet we think we are alone and that is why findSisterhood was built; so that women across the world can have a safe space to connect with each other on experiences that link us all. We hope you enjoy your new community of supportive women/sisters/friends around the globe.

The findSisterhood universe will always be here to listen!

Welcome to the Sisterhood

We want to disrupt the way women use social media. Instead of only sharing their best and most exciting moments, we want women to reach out when they really need help.
findSisterhood uses one way cryptography to make sure that no one will ever know the identity of our users. It is completely untraceable and you don’t have to create a profile or user name. Not even our team members will know who you are.

Questions and feedback about the app?

We love to hear from our sisters, please send an email to: and a team member will be in touch soon.

Press requests please send an email to