Who are we?

findSisterhood is an app created by women for women and everyone that identifies as one.

About FindSisterhood

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This is your safe place to ask anonymous questions you have always wanted to ask other women without having to reveal your identity. We stand for a judgment free zone. No question is too personal to ask. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, so please be kind or keep your opinion to yourself.

Ask other women about motherhood, sex, lifestyle, relationships or really anything you want. If you refer to another person please use only first names to respect their privacy and our terms of use. If you don’t have a question, but something is on your mind you want to talk about that’s great! Tell us about it and send it out in the findSisterhood universe.


We hope you enjoy your new community of women and are looking forward to build a sisterhood where all questions are allowed and no judgements are made. We will always be here to listen when no one else is.

Download the findSisterhood app on your iPhone or Android and start being real.

Social Media negatively affects our mental health due to everyone posting about their highlights in life and creating this artificial picture of a perfect world online. We want to disrupt the way women use social media and change the way it makes us all believe everyone else's lives are perfect. Instead we want to highlight the beautiful messiness of life and all the things we are actually going through at the same time, that unite us and will make us stronger if we just be honest.

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