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Dominatrix Bettie Bondage

When we hear "BDSM," our initial though will transport us to the many tantalizing scenes of

Fifty Shades of Grey. A book made into a movie that has created a spotlight into the world of

the BDSM community. But what is BDSM really? History has shown the prevalence of BDSM

time after time. The ancient Greek frequently portrays it in art. The Kama Sutra (300 A.D,)

flaunts erotic spanking, and European references date from the 15th century. BDSM blossomed during the 18th century, when some European brothels began specializing in “punishment”, by restraining, whipping and introducing willing men to blissful pain.

Popular culture has rendered us intimidated with terminologies such as “breast torture,”

“dungeon monitor,” or another more commonly used term, “butt plug.” To many, the practice of BDSM depicted by its colorful vocabulary and the one and only, Mr. Christian Gray, sounds like an unhealthy confusing and almost abusive relationship. Contrary to popular beliefs and misunderstandings, in actuality, there are plenty of ways that couples can (and, if interested, should) ease into the world of BDSM as it can be quite exhilarating and empowering! FindSisterhood welcomes the exploration of all types of sexuality. We embark on our journey into the world of BDSM together, in a platform that works as a community to help fellow women understand what it really is to be submissive or dominant.

To those of you that are just a little curious or maybe even ready to dabble in it, exploring the domain of BDSM can be quite daunting. With anything new, we all naturally have a million questions. How can I introduce rough sex into my relationship? How can I safely choke

someone during sex? What tools can I use? How do I find a BDSM community?

Even for those of us who have been practicing BDSM for a while might have questions. How can I make my dominant boyfriend witch roles? How can I muster up the confidence to switch from being a submissive to a dominant? Are there BDSM classes to properly educate my boyfriend and me?

Our guest speaker Dominatrix Bettie Bondage, a dominatrix that has built her career

specializing in kinks and fetishes, guides our discussion with a Q&A and shares tips to help better utilize BDSM in your sex life in a way that is comfortable for you.


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