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About FindSisterhood

Hi, I’m Ana, the founder of findSisterhood. findSisterhood is an app for everyone who identifies as a woman to share their stories and ask their questions anonymously.

Our mission is to be the safest place on the internet for women.

When my first child was born in New York City, I felt so lonely and isolated, like something was wrong with me. I kept asking myself: why am I not enjoying this the way all other moms do?

Well, it turns out I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. But women don’t tend to talk about things that are hard, we want to solve problems and change them. However, I realized that being open about my experience could impact another woman’s life in ways that I could not imagine.

I want women to know that they are not alone, that it’s ok, and that we all sometimes struggle. I want women to have a tool they can use to give them a voice and speak their truth.

Women with postpartum depression don’t seek help.

Victims of sexual abuse and harassment don’t report their assault.  

Undocumented immigrants don’t go to the doctor out of fear of deportation.

Women in abusive relationships don’t talk to anyone because they feel ashamed.

Women in marginalized communities face higher threats of violence and discrimination in their everyday lives.

Moms don’t talk openly about how hard motherhood can be because we are all supposed to be Pinterest moms.

Female friendships can be complicated and sometimes we need help from someone who doesn’t know us.

All of us have to pretend that our relationships are great, even though they require so much work and we all struggle.

Women have questions and curiosity about sex, but if we speak openly about it we might face slut-shaming because we aren’t supposed to enjoy sex AND have a career and kids and be friends and not just objects.

I want to shine a light on these topics that we don’t talk about often enough. Most of all, I want to encourage other women to speak their truth and realize how powerful this can be for another woman who thinks she is alone and everyone else’s life is perfect. It’s not.

We are all going through our own insecurities and problems. You are not alone, there is always another woman somewhere going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. You got this sister!

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