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Jessie Medina

Setting boundaries in a world where we are connected to others through technology 24/7 can be difficult. Even so, knowing your limits and acknowledging what’s important to your happiness can improve the relationships you have with others and with yourself as well. These conversations can be uncomfortable, especially if you are realizing new needs in an old relationship, but these needs should still be expressed.

Everyone should have boundaries as they are meant to establish needs in a relationship. This can be any kind of relationship whether it’s between family, professionals, romantic partners, or friends. Of course, as the relationship varies so will the boundaries. You won’t have the same boundaries for your parents as you do for your friends or the same boundaries for your friends and your partner. Regardless of the relationship and how close you may be to someone, it’s alright to let someone know that you are uncomfortable with something. Anyone who values you in their life will acknowledge and respect your boundaries. However, when someone doesn’t respect your boundaries it might be time to give that relationship some time and space.

When you begin to establish a new boundary with someone you have known for a while it might take some time to get used to and that’s alright, but stand your ground and know that it’s okay to leave a relationship if they aren’t respecting what you need. While this can be a tough thing to do, especially in personal relationships, it can also be an opportunity to find new relationships that are better aligned with your boundaries and goals.

As we set our boundaries it’s also important to take into consideration what is important to the people in our lives and what their boundaries are. After all, we must respect the needs of others just like we expect them to respect ours. Noticing when we are overstepping the boundaries of others can strengthen the bond we have with someone and also make for overall healthier relationships.

Ultimately boundaries are meant to create mutual respect. Entrepreneur Jessie Medina explains that setting boundaries in every aspect can make for a more successful life in our FindSisterhood app under our Boundaries Spotlight. She mentioned that this includes setting boundaries with yourself and only doing things that you feel comfortable doing and saying no when you have to. It might feel like you are also saying no to opportunities but overextending yourself to do things that are not aligned with your goals can also mean you won’t have time for things that actually matter. Knowing what’s important to you and prioritizing can keep you from wasting your own time.

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