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Julie Matheney

Breastfeeding as a whole is a wonderful and beautiful process of motherhood, but the

nitty-gritty reality of it? Often, not so pretty. As the famous mother of two, Kristen Bell, would say “It is a little but strange to go from an autonomous woman to all of a sudden being a food truck.” Most women often are anxious of the process of childbirth without actually realizing that giving birth is one of many terrifying aspects that’s come with the magical experience of motherhood. Breastfeeding is considered to be a painful and frustrating process to many mothers. Did you know breast milk is not always white? It can be blue, green, yellow, gold, pink, or orange depending what you eat or drink. We didn’t!

FindSisterhood brings together, the expecting, the struggling, the experienced mothers

and also the curious women out there! As women, motherhood is the greatest gift we all share – nothing screams female empowerment than women coming together to help each other in this collective experience of motherhood (something none of us really knows how to do in the beginning.) History has shown us that it takes a village to raise children – women rely on each other. In the absence of the village, mothers struggle. This is where findSisterhood comes in, we offer our very own “village” of women in the technology era.

We discuss tips on how to get babies to latch on easily, foods that increase milk supply,

how to relive a clogged duct, breastfeeding with a pierced nipple, and most importantly WHEN CAN WE DRINK COFFEE!? Breastfeeding can sometimes be a topic that women shy away from, struggling to latch your baby is one thing but what about when your nipples bleed? Passing an STI though breastfeeding? Or whether the size of you breast effect the amount of milk production? Questions that might be uncomfortable to bring up can be anonymously asked in this safe platform.

Julie Matheney, a lactation specialist, one of many of our talented guest speaker help

tackle and guide our community with the topic of breastfeeding with grace and a little humor. Her goal is to provide mothers with the tools they need to feel confident in feeding their babies at all stages of development. There is no other aspect of life that is as emotional, physical, social and spiritual as feeding.


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