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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Kay Lopez

Community can mean so many different things. There are endless communities to be apart of. But what happens when you don’t feel like you don’t belong or there aren’t any communities for you?

In our FindSisterhood app under Community Spotlight, Kay Lopez, Founder of Latinas Poderosas answers some questions surrounding community and explains how she once felt like she didn’t belong in her Latinx community and how she changed that. It turns out a lot of women feel the same way, and some may even feel like they don’t have a community at all.

The truth is we all belong to at least one community. And while it can be easy to feel alone, there are many ways that you can reach out. It all starts with your interests. Knowing yourself and what you like can help find like-minded individuals that can potentially become part of your community. This can also be the beginning of a new community. With social media it’s very easy to connect to people we otherwise would never meet in real life and this also allows us to create our own unique spaces.

If you feel like there are communities and just don’t know where to start don’t be afraid to start small. Kay suggests things like going to a community event or showing up to gatherings alone in order to meet new people. All that matters is that you are active and supporting the voices of causes that you are passionate about. This can also be applied to people who already have a strong sense of community.

Your workplace may not always be the most diverse or culturally rich environment but there are ways that you can also help others, depending on the line of work that you are in. For Kay Lopez that meant taking her background in advertising and social consulting to grow her brand and create her own community of Latinx’s. This allowed her to not only connect with more women like her but also make them feel more seen and less alone.

Really immersing yourself into a community starts by embracing yourself. This also means exposing yourself to your culture while knowing yourself outside of the expectations that come with the culture. Once you are able to do this finding your community becomes organic and it also gets easier with time.

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