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Goal Setting

Shima Katouzian

As social media becomes more and more ingrained into our everyday lives it’s hard not to compare yourself to the people you follow, and often times people you may not even know in real life. These comparisons can have a negative effect on your self-image and can also distract you from what is really important in life.

The truth is, most people aren’t posting their failures or bad days on their profiles. Just like you, the people you follow curate what makes for better content which is only a very small part of their lives. By knowing this, you can focus on what’s truly important which includes your family, friends, and most importantly you.

One way to focus on yourself is by setting goals. Shima Katouzian, a social media influencer, discusses the importance and benefits of setting your own goals under our Goal Setting Spotlight in the FindSisterhood app. Katouzian describes goals as having no limits and believes there is no such thing as a goal that’s too big.

Goals are also never too small, as they vary from person to person. Reaching a goal may also be more or less difficult for others as lifestyles and other factors can determine how soon you execute something. Whatever your situation it’s important to make realistic adjustments that allow you to accomplish whatever it is you want.

For the person that often lacks motivation when trying to accomplish multiple goals, Katouzian suggests that scoring goals can be a big help. This allows you to get a visual for the goals you want to accomplish and also helps in showing you which goals may be important than others.

Setting a time frame for your goal is also important, as it will give you a way to measure your success and keep you on track. This will also help you keep your priorities in line and keep all your goals from being ideas floating in the air. It will also be a way to keep yourself from straying and wasting your time on things that might not be beneficial to your future.

Also, remember to have fun! Reaching goals can be an amazing feeling but remember that it’s really the journey that builds character and teaches us the tough lessons. Thinking about the future can be exciting and sometimes we can feel in a hurry to accomplish everything, but being present is just as important and necessary for happiness.


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