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The Struggle is Real - Getting Pregnant

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Ten percent of women face infertility each year in the US. This means that they have been trying to become pregnant for one year, or six month if over the age of 35. Infertility can lead to depression, psychological turmoil, and lack of self-esteem. Many women who suffer from infertility also endure a failing of failure, anxiety, grief, worry, guilt and loneliness.

Oftentimes, women seek ways to help with their fertility, and, fortunately, there are things that can be done to help increase the chances of that dream of carrying a child.

Fertility Specialists

A fertility specialists, or reproductive endocrinologist, is a physician who specializes in the area of infertility. A fertility specialist can help you understand precisely what is going on inside your body and deliver answers you need to know before continuing on your next journey. He can help you find solutions to your infertility and, most importantly, give you the peace of mind you very much need at

There is Hope

Once you see your physician and discuss with him your struggles with infertility, he can help you find several ways to overcome this challenge. In the medical world, there are advances being made daily to help women and their partners conceive a child. Fertility drugs, medical procedures, and surrogacy can help any woman with infertility. Your doctor will perform many tests and come to specific findings about what is specifically causing the infertility, and will give you the options that may help.

Infertility is hard. It is. But understand there are many ways to overcome this disease. It is important to not give up, and have a positive mindset as you try to conceive. Many women overcome this, and the route they take may be very different from the path you take. However, the journey will make you a stronger person, and eventually, through the struggle, you may find yourself holding your bundle of joy.

How FindSisterhood can Help

If you are struggling with infertility, the FindSisterhood app is there for you. Among a multitude of topics pertaining to the betterment of women, FindSisterhood features several posts about infertility. There is a guest “speaker” who is also an expert in the field, who can answer your questions and there are many women who come together with support for each other.

One question one of the many users of this popular app asked was, “What is the likelihood of a woman who is infertile? What are the odds and are you seeing more or less than in past years?”  Kathryn Kaycoff, co-founder of Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. answered her question precisely and completely, and she discussed age and infertility, heredity, and egg quality. She recommended to this user to some options.

Questions and answers in a completely confidential forum-like setting, findSisterhood is the go-to advice app for women, and many women find solace in knowing they are not alone with their issues. Downloading the informative and calming app can help you find any advice and support you need!

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