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Jaimi Alexander

TV and Event Host



Tell us about your career and how it all started?

My career started after I graduated High School. I knew I did not want to go to college, so I got my real estate license and started selling homes! After that, not only did I move into the mortgage side of things and become very successful there, I also started modeling and doing music videos! Doing music videos and some background work was SO much fun. I met so many incredible artists and actors that we know and love, as well as be a part of a culture that really appreciated music videos much differently than we do now. I've modeled in NYFW (New York Fashion Week), catalogs, other fashion shows, and some print work. I studied acting for 3 years with the great Lewis Smith, although I have yet to pursue acting. Maybe one day!  

I started my first business The Sleepless Network in 2008. I was able to assemble an amazing and diverse group of talented women and we did marketing campaigns and threw parties together. We created our own celebrity much like people do now. Now we call them "influencers". I essentially had an influencer marketing agency before it was a thing. There is an online portion to Sleepless. It is its own social network where people can share gigs, connect, and collaborate as entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. I'm still connected to a lot of brands who hire me to create their marketing material and when I need video content or models for a shoot, I'm able to self produce the whole thing while hiring an assortment of my friends form The Sleepless Network. Whether it be Models, actors, voice over, MUA's, videographers, photographers script writers, I am connected to them all. We can make it happen!  Having Sleepless took me on an amazing journey being very successful at throwing events here in LA and in New York and making life long connections with other marvelous and talented individuals. 

In 2008, I also did my first interview as an on camera host. I fell in love with it and never stopped! I have interviewed every hip hop celebrity you can think of, a lot of tech shows including the NAB Show, I'm on AfterBuzz TV and a member of the PopFuzion TV family! I've even had the pleasure of flying to Singapore to interview at Broadcast Asia! I love on camera hosting so much, because talking to people about what they do and have going on makes me happy.

Chop It Up Sundays Brunch is a monthly brunch party that I created in 2014, so that people had a place in LA to feel permission to be themselves (not "Hollywood") all while meeting new people, and catching up with their friends over great food and endless mimosas! Everything I do is about creating space to connect. Whether it be a conversation, online networking or an event, bringing people together for uplifting interactions is what I am all about.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Sisterhood is so important to me! Man am I blessed with a great few groups of girlfriends. To be able to connect with wonderful women on a level where we can be very vulnerable and support each other as we navigate this life that can be SO hard at times, is a real life saver! We never want to feel alone out here in this world. Even if you have a man or family, there's nothing like being connected to your peers. Having sisters that understand your fears, pains, growth struggles and much more is something I cannot live without. I am so grateful, truly and also spend time creating space for my sister friends and I to get together and talk as much as possible. It's so healing and transformative which is vital to life! What's your personal mantra?

Love is the answer. What is your superpower?

The ability to connect to people from all walks of life and make friends wherever I go. I'm a master at being resourceful and connecting people. I make it my business to help whoever I can with whatever resources I am able.

Tell us about women that inspired you and your female role models:

My mommy. She never worries. She's never sad. Not that I've ever known. She is SO beautiful too. Like FULL of life. My ability to work a room and be creative comes from her. My dad is charismatic as well, but I call my mom my glitter. She named me after the bionic woman.

Gabrielle Union! She is everything. I love her style, flavor, career path, personality and passion. I am the older sister in my family so in my mind Gabrielle is the older sister I never had!

I love Oprah of course. She showed me that its ok that I want to do and have a lot of things. Own different business and be a mogul of sorts. And of course she is the ultimate talk show host and interviewer!!! 

Tyra Banks. She is so beautiful, hard working and sweet. I look up to her as well. Yes, she was a model but also took her career to new heights with her production company and TV Shows. Something that I am very interested in doing myself. as you can see :)

What would be your advice for women who are building careers in your industry?

Don't be hard on yourself, things take time. Things take time!! Great things take time. PLEASE don't compare yourself to anyone else. We have IG now and you really need to remember that what you see from people is after the tears (sometimes during), amidst heartbreak, depression and failure. We are all going through the same things in different ways I promise. Follow YOUR heart. When God gives you a vision, he gives it to YOU. Not anyone else. You don't need advice or permission. Just your vision and courage! Enjoy where you are. We want to be millionaires, married, travel and do all of these things but be happy where you are too. Each day is so much more a part of your grand story then you think. ALL that you do counts. Have fun. Make fun a priority!

One piece of advice for your 18 year old self?

Be happy. You’re killin' it girl! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Save more and think about investing and protect your credit it matters! You’ll be able to shop and travel even better thank you are now, later. It’s not your obligation to stay with a man who ain’t acting right. Keep dating and follow your intuition.

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