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Jessie Medina

Founder & CEO of @FEMLatinas and @femgency, motivational speaker, and podcast host of @HeartyOvarios



Tell us about your career and how it all started?

I would say that everything I’m doing now was influenced by many experiences I’ve been through since I was a child. So, although I have a college degree in Communications and one in Business, over 12 years of experience in marketing, and started doing social media for a company way back with MySpace.com (remember that?!), I know it all started before. I was always very creative and as a child pursued dance, painting, acting, and writing. When I was in high school, I was the youth group leader at my church and took up graphic design, photography, and video production at school. This matters because all these seemingly random skills like leading a group of teenagers as a 15-year-old or learning how to design a flyer gave me a good edge when I went into marketing years later. I also started speaking and giving motivational talks as a teenager. By the age of 24, I was the PR Director for Gold’s Gym and in charge of their social media and public relations. The reason I could get promoted so quickly was because at that time you didn’t find many young social media savvy individuals who could also lead a team of designers, copywriters, and speak numbers to executives all at the same time. I would say I was a nerd growing up, always sat in front of the class, asked all the questions the teacher would allow me to, and over-delivered on projects. I share this because it’s never a straight shot, especially not in these times and at

the pace that technology changes. So I think it’s important to equip yourself with many skills and to be willing to make mistakes AND learn from them. Toward the end of my corporate career, and though I was a VP of Marketing before 30, I went through something that had an even bigger impact. I experienced sexual-harassment in the workplace. And it

wasn’t the mild kind. And it was pervasive and no one cared to do anything. I have always had a passion for justice and female empowerment but I think this experience was a great catalyst for my transition into entrepreneurship AND women’s empowerment. This gave me the push and fueled the fire to help my fellow mujeres grow, be fierce, and most importantly be united.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

My relationship with my little sisters is very strong. I am the oldest of three girls and one boy. But my sisters are half my age so I helped raise them. Sometimes I’d see them as sisters and sometimes as my own babies. We have a very strong bond and we are always cheering for one another. So when it comes to sisterhood, I always refer back to my relationship with my blood sisters. The truth is I WANT them to win, I WANT them to accomplish their dreams, I WANT them to be fearless and speak up, and I don’t want anyone to hurt them...and this is what I want for ALL my sisters. This is so ingrained in me that when in doubt, when there is a situation with a girlfriend and I’m not sure how to handle it, I always think, “why would I do if this was one of my sisters?” The truth is I would forgive, I would honor, I would accept my little sisters. This is my moral compass when it comes to other women as well. It’s bit me in

the bum at times, because not everyone thinks like that and not everyone understands it but it helps me. Sisterhood is about showing grace to one another, getting in each other’s shoes, and treating others as you want to be treated. Sisterhood is getting happy for your sister’s success and lending a hand in her hard times.

What's your personal mantra?

Fear less, do more!

What is your superpower?

I think my creativity is my superpower. It doesn’t matter what you do, being able to innovate and create something unique, solve problems, and think outside the box will always give you an advantage, it will make you stand out. Creativity helps me to dream big and to be a visionary, it helps me adapt to new situations, and pivot when necessary.

Tell us about women that inspired you and your female role models:

Hands down my mom, my grandmas, and my sisters! My mom had all the odds against her and been through everything you can imagine, but she is the sweetest and most loving person I’ve met in my entire life--not just to me as a mom but to everyone. That’s the biggest lesson. Many people can be nice to their loved ones, but my mom has the biggest heart and is also very wise. I have to call her every day and hear her dose of wisdom. Most of the time she’ll say something that speaks to exactly what I’m going through that day without even knowing it. She is very intuitive and inspiring. She started writing since she was a teenager but never had anyone to show it to. It was her personal way of expressing herself. Well, she’s an amazing writer and I’m so proud of her because she started writing publicly three

years ago and just finished her first book. Knowing her journey, I know this was a huge step for her. She is amazing, you should check her out @angelamiriamestrada! I adore my sisters because they are becoming such amazing young women! They are so talented and WISE too! They’ve been giving ME advice for as long as I can remember even though they are younger. I often ask them, “How did you come up with that?”

What would be your advice for women who are building careers in your industry?

Be true to who you really are and what you really want. It’s so easy to get lost in the social media comparison game or the FOMO trend! But trying to do what someone else is doing just because it looks cool or for money alone will only delay you from living out your true purpose. We need exactly who you are because no one else can give us that. Create from the heart, spend time with yourself and have a clear vision of what you want your life to look and feel like. Know your unique value proposition, know your values, and know your non negotiables. You need to know these for your business, career, and personal life.

One piece of advice for your 18 year old self?

Stop trying to please others and do what you truly want to do.

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