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Jia Wertz

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Founder and CEO of Studio 15


Tell  us about your career and how it all started?

Very early on I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry because I had a passion for it and loved the idea of doing something as a career that I would enjoy as a hobby. I attended college in Toronto, Ontario to study fashion marketing and then held a few corporate jobs with large retail fashion companies over the next 15 years before deciding to launch my own company, Studio 15, which is socially-conscious apparel brand for millennial women.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

I very much believe in the importance of women helping and supporting other women. We have to lead by example and support each other in the ways that we expect from the rest of the world. Sisterhood means just that, unconditional support for other women, building each other up, and never viewing someone else’s success as competition. The more we build each other up, the more opportunities we can create for women as a whole.

What’s your personal mantra?

It’s critical to watch your thoughts and actions, as they manifest into your reality. What you put out into the world is what comes back to you. I try my best to live by this philosophy and remind myself of it often.

What is your superpower?

Hustle. There isn’t anything I don’t think I can accomplish or learn, I know that I just need to study and learn it. This makes me take on any aspect of my business that presents itself as a challenge and just work through it.

Tell us about women that inspired you and your female role models:

While this may sound cliche (and may be the answer that millions of women may have), I am inspired by Oprah and other women like her. I have watched Oprah on TV since I was about 15 years old, watching her help people over the years and put so much good out in the world has really shaped my way of thinking and my goals. It also showed me that big or small, everyone has the ability to do good and impact change in the world.

What would be your advice for women who are building careers in your industry?

When I was younger I didn’t know that working in fashion was even a career path that existed. I want young women to know that there are endless career options out there and to really think about what they absolutely love to spend their time doing, and then research jobs in that field. I find that most people are given the typical (and common) career options (i.e. accountant, attorney, etc.) but aren’t told that they can train for and have non-traditional jobs, things such as being a costume designer, blogger or working in TV production. Within the fashion industry there are many departments to work in, whether that be product allocation or pattern making.

One  piece of advice for your 18 year old self?

To not doubt myself so much and not be as hard on myself. I think I could’ve accomplished more if I didn’t listen to my internal dialogue of self doubt. You have to be your own champion or others will never see you  that way. As I got older, I realized that everyone has self doubt to some degree, you aren’t alone, everyone is just trying to do the best they can. And that’s why it’s okay to make mistakes, learn from them and move on, without holding yourself to an unattainable standard.

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