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Stephanie Inverson

As women in this generation, it is important to truly understand the significance of self-

care – To stop apologizing, trust one’s values, voice and choice! What is self-care? It is a choice to put our-self first, to be unapologetically selfish for the better good of our wellbeing. Self-care is about setting boundaries, balancing work and social life, ending an abusive relationship, letting go of expectations and gender roles, taking a break from the stresses of work or of a relationship – self-care is about putting yourself first above everything else because the most important relationship we will have in our life is with ourselves.

Even with our ever changing society that is now celebrating women empowerment,

women have long been branded exclusively as givers, nurturers and mothers. Which puts us in quite a predicament, creating a gender role that creates a culture for women to put our-selves last – which adds to our struggle as women to see the false expectation that is asked of us. Yes, women should be recognized for our ability to nurture and mother but we need to remind each other that we as women are much more than that, we too are bosses and takers! As we transition to a new age of empowered women, there is nothing wrong in being unsure of what the steps are for self-care.

At FindSisterhood, our community of ongoing leaners help each other and discuss freely

the wide range of topics that circles around self-care. From finding the support to get out of an abusive relationship to learning the art of balancing social and work life. What is the best kind of self-care? Where do we draw the line between self-care and over indulgence? As a

community we learn to set our own boundaries and grow out of societal pressures of what a

woman should be like. We also discuss the negative impacts of social media – recognizing when it has become unhealthy, how we can step away from it and destress is an essential learning tool for self-love.

Stephanie Inverson, our guest speaker dives into the world of self-care – how

fundamental it is for growth as women and to remind us that we are not alone - even the

strongest struggle with the same of problems. She answers from the simplest of questions to the hard hitters in pursuit of unifying the peace in our mind, body and soul.


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