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Self Confidence

Shanna Taylor

Confidence is key. We hear this a lot because it’s true. Self-confidence, or lack thereof, can have a major impact on the way you see yourself and therefore affect the way you live your life. But confidence isn’t something you can turn on and off. Confidence can fluctuate depending on the situation and the person. In fact, even the most confident people can have moments of self-doubt and insecurity. However, there are ways that you can improve your self-confidence in order for you to live your best life and it all starts with your thinking.

Blogger, Shanna Taylor, answers some questions regarding self-confidence and even offers a little advice on how you can help boost your own confidence in our FindSisterhood under the Self Confidence Spotlight. Women shared very similar concerns when it came to body image and self-love. One user asked “How can I love my body more? I always feel like something is wrong” in which Shanna advised that instead of “using a mirror to find your flaws” it is important to embrace differences and find beauty in that instead. Of course, loving yourself is much easier said than done, but like with all difficult things, it can be practiced.

One way to practice self-love is through positive affirmations. Often times we are our biggest critic and we can be too harsh on ourselves. These criticisms might even be expressed out loud which can further impact our self-image and even how others see us. But when we replace these negative thoughts with positive ones we can create a headspace where we are able to view ourselves in a more healthy way.

Telling yourself these positive affirmations means you believe you are worth being loved, by yourself and by others. This also means that you don’t compare yourself to others and you don’t define yourself through your so-called physical flaws. Your confidence should not be dependent on your appearance as your body is forever changing, so accepting and loving your body at every stage is necessary to your self-love journey.

Confidence looks different on everyone. Different people build confidence in different ways. Find things that make you feel like your best self and set yourself up for success instead of failure. Being confident doesn’t mean you are the best at everything you do, but knowing that your self-worth is not dependent on your appearance, mistakes, or flaws will allow you to do so many things that self-doubt will keep you from.

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