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Sex and Cannabis

Carli Jo

Sex, although known as the most basic acts of human nature, is in fact, the furthest

thing from basic. Studies have shown that 75% of women never reach an orgasm in their

lifetime. Our efforts to better understand and nip such an audacious problem that women face led us to this magical flower called Marijuana. Cannabis has long been used for multiple

different conditions – whether it be for pain management or inducing hunger. As the industry has grown tremendously in the past few years, studies have suggested the link between cannabis use and orgasms in women. As women of this generation, we take our first steps as pioneers to explore the world of Sex and Cannabis.

At FindSisterhood, we are a platform for women to be a part of a community that can

freely ask and discuss their experiences and findings. Since sex and cannabis is a new territory for most, we welcome and discuss as a community even the most basic of questions such as which types of weed strains can enhance sex life? How can weed ease discomfort from sexual positions? Whether to smoke it, eat it as an edible or try it out as a lubricant? What is a good dosage of weed to take before sex? How long before sex? We also dive into tougher questions that women have a hard time talking about - How can marijuana play a role into rekindling a broken relationship? How can we find our inner sensuality with the help of weed? Can weed help increase our sex drive? Can cannabis products help with my husband’s problem with erections? And the golden question: HOW CAN I REACH AN ORGASM WITH MARIJUANA?

The moral and political implications of the topic of sex vary greatly from culture to

culture, but uniformly agrees to one certainty that it’s why we are alive today and our future

depends on it – so why not collectively discuss and learn from each other in our community of women on how we can enhance the pleasurable nature of sex?

Our guest speaker Carli Jo, a Sex and Cannabis expert help answer a lot of these

questions, she helps women achieve sexual satisfaction by using cannabis. Bringing to light to things that us new explorers are itching to learn! Questions and answer are always anonymous, creating a safe space for us as women to ask any questions that they might not feel normally comfortable with.


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