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Bruja Botanica

Spirituality can mean differently to different people. For some, it’s principally about

ones’ involvement in an organized religion. For others, it’s getting in touch with nature and a

higher power within ourselves. Spirituality is finding a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves in search for the meaning of life, a search for enlightenment – a universal human experience. As the world changes, religion slowly but surely changes too, welcoming new values and teaching. In recent years, the younger generation has shifted from organized religion to spirituality in the form of energy healing, astrology and tarot – which has been practiced since the 1500s.

How can we, as women, work together to accept and understand the many forms of

spirituality? What is spirituality to you? People often forget that our world consists of many

different cultures and beliefs, and as empowered women we should thrive to better

understand and accept our diverse community. Spirituality has long been a great source of

comfort at our hardest times, and yet we know so little of it.

FindSisterhood plunges into the world of spirituality by creating a safe place to discuss

what spirituality means to the diverse group of women in this day and age. Tarots, crystals,

energy, exorcisms, oh my! Do those really work? Can energy healing cure an illness? What is a

bad juju? Some also discusses the unwelcoming nature and pressures of organized religion;

together we can learn to support one another as we all know that although an organized

religion is a community, it can sometimes be the loneliest society to be in.

Bruja Botanica, a spiritual guide, one of our very talented guest speaker focuses on

discussing spirituality on our findSisterhood platform. As a self-proclaimed bruja/ witch, she

welcomes the floor with discussions on the hardship of religion to spells to cast for good

fortune! In our discussion we openly share the honest truth of what is, what is not, and what

we are yet to learn!


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