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Sun Signs

Julia, Look Up At The Stars

Astrology can tell us a lot. Between traits, horoscopes, and compatibility it can be easy to get lost in the magical world that is astrology. Many people believe, many people don’t, and there’s also a lot of skeptics. But for those who do believe it can be a therapeutic experience. Some astrologers have even begun to merge astrology with psychology to help people further understand how their mind works and why they are the person they are. One of these astrologers is Julia, who is featured in our FindSisterhood app under the Sun Signs Spotlight. Many users had questions about how their sign could affect compatibility with a potential or current partner. However, Julia explained that there is so much more that affects relationships than one sign. In fact, there are actually 10 different signs that can affect your life and the different relationships in your life.

While our Spotlight topic was focused on sun signs there are also moon signs. Just like your sun sign, which is the sign most people seem to know, has to do with your identity and personality traits, your moon sign deals with your emotions. Rising signs are also a thing, and tend to affect the way that others perceive us or how we act when meeting new people. Combine all these signs together and you get a completely unique person. But knowing your sun, moon, and rising sign isn’t the only way to learn more about your astrological self.

Everyone has something called a chart which includes many more planets and aspects that can tell you more about yourself. You can even get an astrologer to tell you exactly what all the different elements mean. While this can be very overwhelming to someone who is just learning about astrology it can also be a fun and possibly helpful tool.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, Julia suggests that you don’t base all your decisions based on sun signs alone, which is probably the reason why she likes to mix psychology into it. There are many things that can affect our relationships but if you are considering astrology to learn more about yourself there’s a lot of resources that can help.

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