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Frances Tang

Taboos can vary from culture to culture and family to family. What might be taboo to you might not be for the next person. One common taboo that people seem to have, however, is sex. Sex is is obviously just an umbrella term for all of the possible sexual acts that a person can engage in, but when we think about some of them we might realize that there’s just some things we don’t want to talk about.

On the other hand you might also know a friend or two that have no limits when talking about their own sex adventures. Or maybe like founder of come & gone, Frances Tang, you’re that friend. Frances’ approach to talking about sex is as simple as starting a converation. She believes that a lot of times people just need someone else to get the conversation going, something that she has no problem with. In fact, her product is actually all about cleaning up messes after sex. She answered a few questions about her product on our FindSisterhood app as well as some questions about other taboo topics that most people probably wouldn’t be comfortable asking if it wasn’t anonymous.

Everyone has their own preferences in the bedroom so some things that routine for one person might be a little too kinky for the next person. Even so, some people might not always be honest about what they like for fear of being judged. Anal is one of these acts. While most people have heard about it, very few are willing to admit that they’ve tried it and much less enjoy it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is important that we have some sort of outlet for talking about these subjects without feeling like you’re wrong for enjoying certain things.

And if taboo sex isn’t your thing that’s okay too. There’s something for everyone, and for some people it might just be good old fashioned sex. The most important thing when trying to talk about trying something new or telling other people about your “taboo” adventures is that you everyone in the conversation is comfortable talking about it. Don’t get offended if someone doesn’t want to talk about that trombone act you heard about. Comfort levels will vary, and people will have different boundaries, and it’s important that everyone’s are respected.

Although it might be awkward, simply talking about taboos can take away from feeling like you’re doing a dirty act. You might even find new ways to have fun in the bedroom!

For more conversations about taboo topics and topics like it join the discussion in our FindSisterhood app.

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