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Terms of Use

findSisterhood is a social network for women to share their stories anonymously. Therefore, we kindly ask men to respect this safe space and stay out of it.
There is nothing that ties your post to your real identity so everything you post on findSisterhood will be safe.
If you see inappropriate content say something. You can flag each post and comment and they will disappear from the feed until our team members had time to review.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Bullies  

Any bullying of users will not be tolerated and result in findSisterhood removing the user. We designed this place to help women be stronger together. If you are not here to be empowered or to empower, this is not your place.


Using Names

findSisterhood is an anonymous app, users are not allowed to use names of people or businesses. Please refer to others and yourself only by their first names.



No defamation is allowed. findSisterhood is not responsible if users break the terms of use and post someone’s name. We will however remove the post as fast as possible without warning.


Report comments & answers

Users are encouraged to report comments or answers that are against  our guidelines or hurtful. The review might take up to 48 hours, every flagged comment will be reviewed by our team.



Impersonation is not allowed and findSisterhood has the right to take adequate actions.


Public Use

All users should commit to ethics and values and should refrain from insult and abuse of the app.


Privacy Policy

All users have to read the privacy policy. Their use of the app  implicates agreement to the policy.


Denial of Access

findSisterhood has the right to block any user from accessing the app or using it’s services in general. Remember, Spread kindness whenever you can.

Removal of Comments and Questions

findSisterhood has the right to remove any comments or questions with the justification that the app sees adequate.



findSisterhood has the right to use the information inputted by users with their agreement to the privacy policy.


Modifications of Terms and Conditions

We have the right to modify terms and conditions if needed at any time.


Limits of Responsibility

All communicated content on the app is the responsibility of their owners and findSisterhood is not responsible for its content or any damage that could result from this content or the use of any of the site’s services.


And remember, empowered women, empower women. So sprinkle around kindness whenever you can!
You got this sister!
Your findSisterhood Team